From steel post and stock proof wire fencing through to decorative post and rail waney edge fencing, MTF Contracting can help.

  • Wood or steel fence posts
  • Rail or mesh stock proofing
  • Large and small areas fenced
  • Gates and posts installed or re-hung
  • All machine operators qualified and insured
  • Protech post driver
  • ProFencer
  • Stockade fencing stapler

We have the machinery to enclose large areas, with a Protech post-driver and ProFencer, with wooden fence posts, or Hampton Steel fencing, which is made in the UK and guaranteed for 30 years. We can use a variety of wire mesh suitable for cattle, horses, sheep and poultry. We are also able to install post and rail fencing for equestrian purposes, or for more decorative areas around parks, gardens, public access and driveways.

Gates and posts can be incorporated to ensure that access is secure. Galvanised gates as well as the traditional five bar wooden gates are available. Heights can be customised to your requirements and we are able to provide deer fencing up to 6ft and beyond. Even stock proof fencing can be made decorative, with wire mesh incorporated into post and rail or picket fences. Electric fencing can be installed and incorporated into any of your designs.

So whether you need it to look good, protect your animals, or to secure your crops, from the largest field to the smallest garden - MTF are Made To Fence!