Hedge Trimming

Our hedge trimming services are carried out by qualified and insured operators using our Claus tractors and McConnel side power arm flail hedge cutters. We also have flail mulchers available for scrub clearance on 3, 8 and 13 tonne machines.

  • Powered side arm flail operation on and off-road
  • Flail mulchers for 3, 8 & 13 tonne machines
  • Chainsaw qualified to remove thicker growth
  • Safe, responsible and qualified operators
  • Maintained machinery to ensure clean cutting

Where hedges have become severely overgrown, we are able to trim and thin larger shrubs and trees, or remove hedges entirely, either for replanting or replacement. We can clear scrub and mulch, chip or remove waste.

Scrub can be cleared for replanting or prior to building works, with waste mulched for environmental improvement or removed.

We can also assist landowners needing their hedges steeping or laying, by providing the groundworks expertise required for excavating the existing base of the banking to ensure a neater, more vertical base.

Hedge trimming is recommended during early spring and in autumn, in order to avoid nesting times and to encourage stronger growth. Wet ground may need to be started earlier in the season (early September) and roadside hedges will normally be cut during periods of wet weather.

Our machinery is well maintained, ensuring clean cutting and reducing mess and allowing cuttings to mulch back into the hedgerow.

All operators are insured and are fully qualified in the use of our machinery, holding applicable licences for working both on and off the public highways.