Paddock Maintenance

Grass cutting, fencing and maintenance for equestrian paddocks and stabling or livery providers, including topping, bank cutting, fencing and gate and access maintenance.

  • Grass cutting/topping
  • Bank cutting
  • Hedge and fencing maintenance and replacement
  • Gateway and access paths/roads/bridleways improvement and security
  • Grazing maintenance

Ensuring paddocks are clear of course shrub growth and safe for horses is essential and we can use our grass cutter/topper in combination with our McConnel side arm flail machine to ensure that your paddock is cleared, safe and neat. Both machines cut and leave the grass/clippings to mulch into the sward, ensuring good fertility and clean new growth. Where smaller areas are difficult to reach, we can tow our topper behind a quad bike.

Bank cutting and grass cutting in public and commercial areas ensures that a clean look upholds your reputation. With our machinery, we can cut large volumes, as well as being able to access areas which would otherwise be difficult and expensive to maintain.