The MTF team have extensive experience of groundworks, including ground levelling, drainage ditch creation and maintenance, as well as landscaping. Whether it's a level platform to build a glasshouse or polytunnel, or the kind of extensive work required to build a fully operational 4x4 driving course, we can help.

  • Qualified and experienced operators on the full range of excavators from bobcat to 36 tonne 360° machines.
  • Laser levelling of sites for building
  • Foundations
  • Banking/Ditching and ditch maintenance
  • Preparation for water piping, cabling, drainage and concrete plinth installation
  • Specialised building projects - 4x4 courses, large scale landscaping, equestrian cross country trials courses and activity centres

At MTF, we have extensive experience of groundworks, over the last 20 years. This work has included the building of our own 4x4 and ATV training course across 8 acres of our own farm, including hills, obstacles and the creation of a half acre lake, complete with adjustable depth drainage. We have built and maintained roads, paths, tracks and trails through woodland, around field margins and through waterlogged areas.

We have levelled land for temporary buildings, concrete plinthing and polytunnel construction, as well as ditching for the connection of services.

Our digger, tipper and excavator operators are fully qualified and insured, with extensive experience with a wide range of machines.

We have several diggers and excavators at our disposal, and we can often work in areas which are difficult to reach. We can create access roads and drainage ditches for building projects or simply to enable modern machinery to enter areas which have previously been inaccessible.