Tree services

MTF contracting provide tree services and chainsaw operators to agricultural and private clients across Devon and the UK. Tree felling, dismantling, stump grinding, crown reduction, pollarding, tree thinning, hedge reduction, trimming, removal and clearance by qualified and insured operators.

Tree Dismantling
Sectional dismantling can be carried out on medium to large sized trees and involves removing the tree a piece at a time. Using ropes and spikes to climb the tree, and to lower the branches to the ground safely, this is ideal for tree removal in confined spaces such as between buildings. This usually requires chainsaw use, as well as the use of ropes, pulleys and winches.

Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding is a cost effective way of removing the stump of a tree and discouraging regrowth. Stump grinding causes less disruption to surrounding planting, lawns and flower beds. This is a quick and often affordable solution to the problem of unwanted stumps. This requires the use of specialist stump grinders.

Crown Reduction
The crown of a tree can be made smaller, or sculpted to restore a preferred shape. If the tree health is to be preserved, it is advisable to only remove around a quarter of the foliage (with a maximum of 30%) in any one year. This will usually require the use of chainsaws, handsaws and loppers, as well as access equipment including ladders and ropes.

Pollarding can be used to keep trees and shrubs within a preferred size. As it is often used to prevent them from growing to their natural size, it is normally started once a tree or shrub reaches that preferred height, and annual pollarding is required to maintain the size. This will usually require the use of chainsaws, handsaws and loppers, as well as access equipment including ladders and ropes.

Hedge Reduction, Trimming and Removal
Hedges need to be kept maintained to ensure that they serve their purpose, and we can trim and reduce hedges to ensure that livestock are enclosed, boundaries are secure, and environmental benefits are maintained. Where required, hedges can be completely removed and sites cleared of stumps and scrub. This can include the use of chainsaws, saws, loppers, side power arm flail hedge cutters and flail mulchers.

Wood Chipping
After removing part or whole trees or woody shrubs, we can log and chip all waste. Once done, we can either remove it for you affordably, or provide it for your use in woodburning stoves and mulch. This requires the use of specialist wood chippers, and may need access for trailers and 4x4 vehicles.

Flail Mulching and Site Clearance
Once trees have been removed, often large areas of scrub need to be tackled and we have flail mulchers for 3, 8 and 13 tonne excavators, ideal for the clearance of any size of site, from residential to industrial. Groundworks can then be undertaken to level, drain or landscape to suit your requirements. This usually requires the use of specialist flail mulching machinery fitted to excavators.

Whether you've got a single problem tree, or need to thin or clear large areas of woodland, maintain boundaries or hedgerows, our qualified and insured machine, access and chainsaw operators can help.